Saturday, 10 October 2009


1. Lemania Indigo designs

Hint: It's the month of October andwe always have a special dress just forthe month - can you find thedress? If you do you will find the gift!

2. RGK

Hint: Love to be where things are always new.

3. Essential Soul Studio and Poses

Hint: Lay down and rest

4. Lilb's

Hint : Follow the pumpkin trail to the light of the fire.

5. Thalia's

Hint (no hint yet)

6. Neko Wonderland

Hint: (this one moves too much to hint)

7. Ema's

Hint : You dont have to open up a can of worms for this prize.

8. Soulless Productions

Hint: It's getting hot in here.

9. Bliss Couture

Hint: Don't Trip

10. Angel Dessou

Hint: you will find the Pumpkin near the two Lingerie Models

11. VDI Shoes

Hint: "This pumpkin's a little hairy"

12. Blacklace

Hint: Man Im thirsty time for a drink

13. Alphamale

Hint: Kick back and relax under a nice palm tree

14. JJ Lanes


15. .::NOSOTR@S::.

Hint: let the butterflies grab hold and take you up to your prize.

16. : DarkCatz::

Hint: A picture is worth a thousand words.

17. Fall Out Designs

Hint: You really should hang your nice sweaters in the closet so they don't wrinkle.

18. Tart

Hint: For every dollar I spend, they send a dime to fight breast cancer.. guess it's a good excuse to buy this tank top!

19. Mustang Trading Post

Hint: Everything ends up at the barn

20. DV8

Hint: Hair shopping might shed some light on the location of this prize.

21. Paw2Paw

Hint: If I kiss him.. will I become a princess????

22. Dstinct

Hint: it's those Magical Moments we hold so dear that make each day one to remember.

23. Trixxy's Shop (age verified)

Hint: aww look such a pretty little goth doll in that box on the wall.

24. -:*'``'*HEARTS DESIRE*'``'*:- -

Hint : You're cold at the entrance and then warm, the closer you get.

25. Gairdin Na Sidhe Flower Shop

Hint: The pumpkin went "on" Holidays...

26. Bitch Tail

Hint: sit in your favorite chair, with your favorite book, and stuffed bunny.

27. Sascha's Designs

Hint: I'll take that shirt.. and that shirt.. and that one too.. and wrap them for me please?

28. Shabby Chic Vintage Emporium

Hint: I know I put that UP somewhere!

29. Kitten Caboodle

30. Vamps and Tramps

Hint: Never stop until you reach the top

31. Halloween Dreams Holiday Emporium

Hint: Dust off the cobwebs, but don't get smitten...Be careful, you might get bitten!

32. Outer expressions

Hint: Gallery of Pictures

33. Clover

Hint: Group members get so many advantages!!

34. Vmotional

Hint: A taste for blood

35. Wafflez

Hint: Pumpkin 1 better look near the SLX magic box!

Hint :Pumpkin 2 Check near costume vendors and find out what's new!

36. Kabuki Creations

Hint: I love to be a KING someday.

37. AP Designs

Hint: sorry.. no hint for this one.

38. Simply Ayres and Kabuki Verotika

Hint: A comfortable place for one to wait while his/her loved one shops.

39. Good Fellas Bike Shop

Hint: *Take a ride on the wild side....walk to the end of the road. Search for the *Police* to help you find the prize! *

40. Sassy Kitty designs

Hint : Relax and look up the lights

41. Halloween Haunted Maze

Hint: Yee i walk through the valley in the SHADOW OF DEAATH

42. Baby Monkey Shoes

Hint: Need to go to a different floor or will you run over me on the way

43. Alice Went Neko

Hint: Are you hungry yet from all the hunting? well take a break and have a sip or nibble in our store.

44. Siamink

Hint: Don't fall over the railing

45. Copper Sun Designs

Hint: This pumpkin loves company!

46. Sugar's Treasures

Hint: Sittin on the dock of the bay.

47. Lacie Days @ Wingo

Hint: Look in the pumpkin patch silly

48. Loka Design

Hint: DOH!

49. Are We Dead Yet

Hint: The Crow marks the spot

50. Lovecats

Hint: Come in and stay a while.

51. C&D Designs

Hint: Stay inside, this little pumpkin guy has a nice sky view

52. Stringer Mausoleum

Hint: This one moves, use the hint cube of hell in the store.

53. Passionate Neko

Hint: Lets go camping your sure to find what you desire.

54. Glitterati by Sapphire

Hint: Has anyone heard of a pumpkin shower

55. Sasja Design Main Store

Hint: Don't Forget to Look Up

56. Boootiful Creations

Hint: A pawprint is the clue, if you see one... a special pumpkin will be close by.

57. ..:Fatal Error:..

Hint: "lil' pumpkin didn't want to be alone, so lil'pumpkin has met all his pumpkin friends..."

58. Lois Designs

HInt: Let it rez and open your eyes, follow the pumpkins to find the prize

59. Ramel's Houses & Gardens

Hint: Lets shed some light on it!!

60. Moontan Jewelry

Hint: Watch your step!! and don't let the pumpkins fool ya.

61. DAMX

Hint:Trick or Treat!!

62. Sunshine Design

Hint: Take a look over the ozean

63. INtimidation Animation

Hint: For the Love of....if the ball is not working...TURN OFF YOUR AO

64. Hatter is Mad

Hint: Look in the cobwebs where the spiders live and in the Gourds .

65. WIlson's Designs for Men

Hint: Check with the "East side man"

66. Dragonlady Designs

Hint: Vanessa loves Pumpkins. Doesn't she have pretty shoes?

67. Adored Clothing and Hair

Hint: I bet I would look great in black formalware

68. DW Design

Hint: Time to go camp for shoes.

69. Chaossun's Creations

Hint: "well? Where do you usually find a Pumpkin?"

70. Splendilicious Skins

Hint: When you land, turn down the lights, then run inside away from all the frights.

Don't run upstairs, that's only in B-movies, instead stay near the door, but find a corner

71. Brocade Tiger

Hint: Way down yonder in the pumpkin patch

72. Casey's Creations

Hint: Someone just walked over my grave and kept on walkin'!

73. Eruption

Hint: The suspended floor held tight by chains, there I settle within plain view, my seeds replaced by prizes for you.

74. Vaude Mainstore

Hint: "That's a nasty habit"

75. Evaki

Hint: There are freebies throughout the shop.

76. Siren's Song

Hint: search to the ends of the land towards the shore and the orient for a cup of tea to find what you seek

77. Flowers Candles Romance

Hint: Twinkle twinkle little spider

78. Butterfly Effectz

Hint: tired from walking up stairs have a rest n look wher ethe dust bunnys hide

79. Luxurious World

Hint: Check what is NEW and you may find your pumpkin..

80. Icarus Home and Lighting

Hint: Little old Hubbard

81. Holiday Bliss

Hint: No hint as per vendor

82. New York Couture

Hint: As far as the eye can see.

83. Mollyworld Homes

Hint: not available yet

84. Furniture and Home Designs

Hint: not available yet

85. Hard Core

AV (Age Verified)

Hint: "Follow the sound of music"

86. Designs by Lorri

Hint: put on your pajamas

87. *DWB* Designs

Hint: Hangin' with my kin

88. Sugar.Snap. Me


89. Before Sleep

Hint: The Pumpkin likes to wear argyle

90. 4Life Women's Fashion

Hint: s "It's behind something NEW"

91. Corrupted Innocence

HInt: If you love NEW skins then you will know RIGHT where to look. You will JUMP for joy when you see this gift!

92. Jeanne's Store

Hint: Smell the flowers (not far from the landing point)

93. JG Designs

Hint: Store isn't that big if you need a hint its because you didn't look.

94. Nissa Jewell Designs


95. Gemini Lotus

Hint: "Tha 'black sheep' of the bunch"

96. Smashin' Fashion

Hint: which way did I go. Telport here, there, where.

97. Lecosse Designs

Hint: I fell behind on trying to make some jewelry for my kitty friends


99. Second Look Art & Photo Studio

Hint: Have a seat, relax, and check your email.. the pumpkin with the paw will show up eventually.

100. Pixelbody Cipria Couture


101. KK's Design

HInt: Don't get tangled in it

102. Mad World

Hint: I'm keepin' this clue under my hat.

103. FrankenLust Holiday Shoppe

Hint: O Hay Can You See?

104. Papillion's Main Store

Hint:is it old.. or is it new?

105. Aster's Builts wedding invites and giver

Hint: Beach wedding anyone? with nice breeze and barefeet on the sand. come and see!

106. Duh

Hint: Let's sit for a chat.. shall we?

107. ~Dia's Designs~

Hint: Have a bite

108. Wikked Deezinz

Hint: Not just pirates wear patches

109. Sweeter Than Candy Main Store

Hint: On a shelf I store myself

110. .: Mz. Shoes :.

Hint: the candybowl.. it's empty!!

111. ~Sassy Shash's Favs~ Designs & Creations

Hint: "Nothing but Nekos".

112. Kokees

Hint: Suscribe to the group

113. Schismphrenic Skins

Hint: "This is a very clean (?) pumpkin"

114. Ana nations now Posies


115. ^^Moulliez

Hint: I feel so lonely up here all by myself. Please look up and say hi.

116. Nishi Designs

Hint: Now I lay me down to sleep

117. Forgotten Earth Design

Hint: The real money is in syndication.

118. Magicall Aluring

Hint: take a break

119. Spikez and Studz


120. Kolor Klash & In A Nutshell


121. FluiD Furniture

Hint: Don't forget to ask for a receipt.

122. Dead Bunny

Hint: "This pumpkin had a hard life, catch him before he jumps!"

123. Bana Karu Mainstore


124. Sweetwater Textures & Creations

Hint: " Glass Floors Always Reveal More "

125. Adore & Abhor

Hint: 125? You must be tired... It's with the rest of the fun freebs.

126. ***2u***Sweet Neko

Hint: "Pumpkins like plants"

127. C&S House and Furniture


128. ~Simply~

Hint: its Halloween, be careful spooks are around every corner!

129. ~Lantian Village~

Hint: It's near, not far / You will be fine. / This pumpkin's place / Can be de-vined.

130. Claw'd

Hint: A good place to keep things.

131. Zool Tattoo Design

Hint: Looking behind the shy geisha

132. [bedlam]

Hint: "Look for the Tranvestite"

133. FS Jewelry Design

Hint: "Birds of the same feather, flock together.. but do pumpkins also mingle, chat up and gather?"

134. D.H. Customs Mainstore

Hint: being small can take you places.

135. Delightasia

Hint: Pumkin grows on water? look under something has one leg

136. TempT

Hint: It's creepy when his eyes are watching you!

137. saris creations

Hint: in shop look for the corners, and look for the cave and you find it...

138. Jemmed


139. Marvela's Dress Shop and Men's Clothing

Hint: ."the days for green are fading fast and fall is coming on."

140. Forever Charmed

Hint: Look Down and in the past

141. Roxie's Home Decor


142. The Caproni Style

Hint: The Lucky Board could doubly lucky

143. Afflicted Clothing, Inc. and Addiction Jewelry

Hint: Not hard to find at all. Stay on the ground floor though.

144. Fire GOOD!!!

Hint: "Food Fight!"

145. Alexohol fashions

Hint: You'll find your prize where footballs abound

146. PURRpose

Hint: Halloween is fun, Halloween is bliss, To find the pumpkin, Find the kiss.

147. FlufferNutterz

Hint: We are all one in the same

148. Mid-night Dragon

Hint: "go with the flow of the water"

149. Spoke n' Cog


150. Gumi's Flower Shop


151. Bound & BItten

Hint: "It's raining it's pouring, he is pleasing the lady he finds so adoring."

152. Zibber's Jewelry and SIlks


153. A touch of Ireland

Hint: Follow the "White Rabbit" and you will be drssed in style for a very important date ;)

154. Funny F*ckers


155. Khargo: Furniture, Landscaping & Custombuilding

Hint:The Goddess of Wisdom loves her pumpkin

156. Fairy Pearls


157. Furballz

Hint: It's in a cheesy place

158. Reflect Your Dreams


159. 5th Age Designs


160. D & V Creations


161. Ruth's Creations


162. Wildz Creations

Hint: I put on my headphones so that i can hear the music better up here.

163. Licks-N-Nibbles

Hint: MMMM candy

164. Pestique


165. Killer Dimple Designs


166. Kassturm Homes and Skyboxes

Hint: Find the noob who met their untimely fate... and you find the pumpkin you seek.

167. mi pop

Hint: check the stoop

168. Quality


169. Rogue Designs


170. S&S designs

Hint: in the garden of night

171. Ritina's

Hint: Look for the blinking Bates Motel sign.

172. Houses for you


173. Kuriousity Main Store

Hint: if you knew susi like we know susi .... you'd know metal music is her passion not only neko fashion

174. SmK in the Sky


175. Drama Dolls

Hint: The pumpkin is a submissive offering.

176. troubled rebel


177. KRV Designs

Hint: This pumpkin is a scared of all those cats!

178. Solo Creations

Hint: Look ! Now it's time to listen radio.

179. Bells Home Decor

Hint: The sun is always shining such a bright light !!!

180. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

Hint: "Find me partiing between my buddys inside the shop"

181. Teagans


182. Dare2Bite

Hint: It's easy to wear because it comes in a range of colors.

183. Caroly

Hint: Place is small you don't need a hint

184. KO Designs

Hint: "Relax, stay a while, dont be in such a hurry...."

185. Elisabeth's Store

Hint: Our pumpkin is showing the way to go.

186. Mooi


187. Isle of 1000 Corpses

Hint: This is the Isle Come on In , This is The Isle Build with Sin .

Ahh looking for a Pumpkin ? hint (sing) dundun .... Dundun ...Dundunn..dundun .... Dundun ...Dundunn..dundun .... Dundun ...Dundunn..

188. Brass in Pocket


189. La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Hint: you might have to fish for it

190. Sanzabar


191. Vamp Equip


192. Magia

Hint: "On a skeletons arm they would look nice but you cant look there is your sur-price."

193. Squeakters Clifftop Cabin


194. Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography

Hint: Its really not a MYSTERY, on the 3rd floor is where it will be.

195. Cherrie's Designs


196. H.I.M Fashions

Hint: Look amongst skulls and blood and you shall find what you seek .

197. Culture Cannibals

Hint: The pumpkin paw is in the DEAD Center

198. Lighthouse of Alexandria


199. Polenth's Mushporium

Hint: Looking in from the outside

200. Jade's Designs

Hint: Up here I sit all alone watching the passersby..:-)

201. Aidoru

Hint: i love cooked pumpkins!


Hint: Tucked inside a black fireplace, upstairs.


Hint: Its dark down here! Arghhh! A spider too!

204. Mayan Riches Games & Resort

Hint: "Does it sink or does it float? Is this a pumpkin or a boat?"

205. Smiles Beach hut and music

Hint: Through wind, rain, snow, sleet and hail we stand high.

206. Inara's Fantasy Couture


207. Sr3d poses


208. Michigans Shack

Hint: Please click the hint board at the tp point when you land for today's hint

209. The Crossing

Hint: Its getting a little hot in here..

210. Ameri's Designs

Hint: in the corner of glass

211. Calliefornia


212. Jazmyn D Skins

Hint: Already missing those long Summer Dayz

213. Slave of the Dreams


214. Souzou Eien

Hint: Help I've been kidnapped by something large and furry O_O

215. Domela Designs

Hint: look at the world...

216. Calia's French Cuisine

Hint: love flowers

217. Forsaken


218. *Catzz's Creations*

Hint: "Go outside to enjoy the fresh air"..

219. KOodOles KiDz

Hint: Have a bite of a cup cake then go for a swing it can be tons of fun.

220. Cheeky Lemon

Hint: Looks like you are gonna have to Subscribe to our group to find the prize smile

221. Kastle Rock Couture

Hint: Some pumpkins are soooo lazy

222. Zahir Design

Hint: Don't forget to join the Subscribe-O-Matic-Group

223. Primus Weapons

Hint: Like to smash pumpkins? Find your prize next to the perfect stick to get the job done.

224. BELLA'S

Hint: I am little and I love being in a crowd

225. Canterbury Creative

Hint: "Ichabod Crane wouldn't dare look here."

226. Gothic Twist

Hint: Inside out and upside down... on the wilder side is where it can be found.

227. Secret Oktober


228. Forever Amour

Hint: Do we hang pumpkins for Halloween too?

229. [XII} Gothic Mideval


230. Shelleyy's Shop

Hint: Silly little pumpkin you cant wear dresses

231. SInister Serenity Weapons

Hint: 1/2-- Good and evil swirl around, and your pumpkin hides in the fire smile

2/2-- Find your pumpkin print among the fairys in the hall of artwork smile

232. Elite couture

Hint: boots boots everywhere

233. Gothic Dreams


234. ~*Crossroad Dreams*~

Hint: The pumpkin seemed a little lonely so I put him with something orange.

235. Patchwork Studios


236. Gauged

Hint: I shall be among them

237. YeeVoo Designs

Hint: So, here you look for pumpkin print Searching hard an need a hint? No need to beg for pardon What you seek is in the garden

I am not hidden in a hole But i am guarded by a little mole.

238. Titfurs

AV (Age Verified)

Hint: take the weight off your feet and have a seat

239. Lillith


240. ~Firefly Fashions~

Hint: "Shh, don't tell the scarecrow I'm here. I made myself smaller just to hide from him"

241. Xanthus' Emporium

Hint: '2 WITCH. : Fillet of a fenny snake,

In the caldron boil and bake;

Eye of newt, and toe of frog,

Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,

Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,

Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,?

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and caldron bubble. ' Wiliam Sharespare

242. Pasarella

Hint: I have a happy pumpkin

that loves to move around.

It's small and pretty,

yet visible for you to find.

So if you want the goods inside

come into the store and hunt the prize.

243. Lilypads

Hint: Up you go as far as can be, this funny friend is watching over me!

244. Tree House Treasures


245. Nekrotic Misfits

Hint: Fat is beautiful people!

246. Aftershocks Image Consulting


247. Troublesome Kitties


248. A Piece of Candy

Hint: take a sip or a dip.......but dont let this prize slip?

249. The Black Orchid Shop

Hint: Let us light the way to the prize for you.

250. Salamander Airways


251. VM Detail & Designs


252. Trashtastic

Hint: "You won't have to wait until Midnight to find this pumpkin"

253. Dulce Secrets

Hint: You've been hunting so long and need a break have a seat beneath the fall foilage and you will be rewarded.

254. Girlfriends Closet

Hint: or farm animals love pumpkins too

255. Ironik Kitties

Hint: Look up, and you will find me!

256. J.B. Sterling's Main Store

Hint: hey HO hey HO it's off to work we go

257. BalAni

Hint: Look Inside the store in the heart of a hoodie.

258. Shaples

Hint: Kuro Zsun Speaker

259. Corry's attick

Hint: Have a seat and rest your feet

260. Orctime & Hestia's house of...

AV (Age Verified)

Hint: go up up and then look up some more if your search is fierce, you can snatch up your prize.

261. Pinnacle design


262. Dolome Designs


263. Joe's Ink Tattoos

Hint: Feel free to visit the Dark Garden !!!!!

264. Alli Island Art


265. Dianna's Shop

Hint: no hint

266. Slacy's

Hint: Just talk a walk to B and on the catwalk you find something free smile

267. GR!


268. Kass's Kink Art Gallery

Hint: Kick back and relax while enjoying the Art

269. Liquified


270. Liquid Sugar

Hint: Pay for me here.

271. Outerworld


272. Cheeky Pea

Hint: One in a million... or at least 4

273. Silvermoon Mall

Hint: Next to the Last Action Hero

274. 4evva&evva Fashions

Hint: What a SWEET treat

275. Nirrti's Shop

Hint: Look up, Look down, Look all around then have a seat and take off our shoes...

276. AC Designs

Hint: Might have a little luck under this chair

277. 108 Horror

Hint: Creepy Crawly

278. Ducknipple

Hint: I can see people arriving on top of this display

279. Doug Massey Designs


280. Sky Home Oase

Hint: Helping a little my spanish friend buy a house

281. Steampunk Adventures

Hint: Maybe if I hide behind these baskets they wont carve me up anymore

282. True Flavor~ Leisha Bravin

Hint: I like to stick with my kitty friends

283. DeCuir Creations

Hint: Blastoff!

284. Bellissima Outdoor Furniture

Hint: Wish I had more then one paw so I could pounce on these birds

285. Concepts for Living

Hint: Route 66 is the way to go

286. Bellissima Castle Furniture

Hint: I think ill go upstairs and have a snooze

287. JLZ Designs

Hint: Im just pawing up to this lovely leather garbed lady

Friday, 31 July 2009

Pumpkin Hunt

If your interested in participating as a vendor within this hunt, please send a notecard to Graycie Andretti. Please name the notecard "Pumpkin Hunt Enquiry", and please state your name, store name and an LM, she should get back to you.